Episode 007: Loving Beloved

In this episode, we're talking Toni Morrison's modern masterpiece Beloved. Memory, magic, motherhood, murder--nothing's off the table in our discussion about this moving and otherworldly novel about a runaway slave who is haunted by her dead daughter's ghost. Listen in, and then join the conversation in the comments section below! 

To reread with us, grab a copy of Beloved at your local bookstore or neighborhood library, or download it from your favorite digital book space.

Beyond Re:Read

As our Re:Readers know all too well, the 1998 film version of Beloved was shot right in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where we were both born and raised. Borrow a copy from your local library or rent it to stream on Amazon.

Fast Facts

  • When Beloved was passed over for the National Book Award, 48 African American writers signed onto a letter of protest that was published in the New York Times Book Review. The novel went on to earn Morrison the Pulitzer Prize in literature. 
  • Did we mention that the film version of Beloved was shot at the Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum in Lancaster County? We DID? Well what are you waiting for: Go, go, go! 
  • Toni Morrison doesn't just write novels, children's book, and plays ... she also wrote the libretto for Margaret Garner, an opera based on the real-life story that also inspired Beloved