BONUS Re:spond Episode: Is Holden Reliable?

Hello Re:Readers! 

When we launched Re:Read several weeks ago, we realized just how many "unknowns" there were as we delved into the world of podcasting: Would anyone listen? Would anyone interact with us? Would Alix ever learn not to scream into her microphone? 

We can now give a confident "yes" to the former two questions. Less so for the latter, but hey, she's tryin'. 

All that to say, we asked you to Re:Spond and you did. We received loads of great questions about "Beholden to Holden," our Catcher in the Rye-themed episode. We were intrigued by those asking about Holden's reliability as a narrator especially as it relates to his possible mental breakdown, which some scholars and readers have theorized is at the heart of the novel. 

In our first Re:Spond episode, we take just a few minutes to share our thoughts on the matter. Listen in and tell us what you think! We want to keep the conversation going, so be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comment sections below!

And don't forget to tune back in next Monday for Episode 003, focusing on The Grapes of Wrath