About Us

We met in 4th grade. By the end of our first year together, Jessica saw fit to write the following in Alix's yearbook:

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Enough said.

Except, with us, it was never enough said. Ever since we abandoned that ventriloquist act in the early ‘90s, (you’re welcome) the two of us have been spitballing crazy schemes to make something creative together. We spitballed through AP English classes; cringeworthy drama club productions; college and grad school studies in English, journalism, history, education, and who knows what else (we are really, really nerdy, okay?); bookish careers; and on and on and on …  

Remember that time we wrote a puppet show starring a Christian rock band? Fail. What about that time we filmed a movie about the dangers of sitting in a bathtub during an electrical storm? We got an A, but a cinematic masterpiece it was not. How about the highly detailed Monkees vs. Beatles Fanzines we hand-illustrated in high school. Subscribership? Yours truly.

It only took us 25 years but we're finally ready to make something that has broader appeal than our little club of two. (And our dear, long-suffering parents. Uh, thanks for everything, parents)! In the end, we hope you like Re:Read as much as we do!

I mean my mom legitimately thinks we’re funny.
— Alix Gerz (August 13, 2017)
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The gross overconfidence they displayed as 10 year olds is alive and well today...
— Jess's Dad (Recently)